Hi Prof,

recently a trainee teacher to be ask me if there are any good Gravitational Potential Java Applet.

i was looking for suitable xml to remix but i am not able to create one.

maybe it can look like this. http://www.falstad.com/vector/ a fantastically powerful applet

a real world side view to show the masses on a XYZ 3 D plane say in outer space.
One planet of mass M that creates a potential of phi = - G M/r

the potential view is a 2D plane in a 3D view aligned the the world view, showing the position and the pressed down potential field like a spider web "well" concept.

when a satellite is placed, it shows the force on the satellite and the force it experience and the resultant motion of the satellite depends on its initial magnitude and direction of the velocity.

The applet allows for 2 planets assumed to be stationary, shows the resultant potential due to the superposition of the potential added together in scalar terms.

I think this will be a knowledge creation java applet, i have no seen and found easily this kind of applet.

for ur consideration.