if you stand with your back to the sun so you are facing the same direction as the incoming sunlight, you need to look at an angle of 42.0 degrees to see the rainbow.

If the sun is located 42 drgree above the ground, the rainbow need to be formed with waterd drop below horizontal line where you stand. 
We would not be able to see the rainbow at noon on the ground if the rainbow is form from sun light with water drop (cloud) in the sky. (Unless you are at a high place and looking down).

However, if the water drop is coming from spray the hose, you will be able to find rainbow any time (you stand with your back to the sun ---42 drgree is related to the direction of sun ray). 

The pattern you saw at night circle the moon is not from the same way in the above simulation (air/water refraction-> reflection in water -> water/air refraction).
I think it is similar to rainbow from from a prism (due to air/water refraction->  water/air refraction).