Some of the links are not available anymore.
  1. Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Mississippi State University [s]http:/ /webphysics. ph. msstate. edu/javamirror/ntnujava/Default.htm[/s]
  2. Davidson College Physics Department (North Carolina) [s]http:/ /webphysics[/s]
  3. Dept. of physics and Astronomy, University of Hawaii
  4. Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Wisconsin [s]http:/ /128 .104 .221.84/javamirror/ntnujava/index.html[/s]
  5. Geogia Tech, Physics Department
  6. Department of Natural Sciences, Albany State University (GA) [s]http:/ /bohr.alsnet[/s]
  7. Augusta State University (U.S.A.)
  8. Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Northern Colorado [s]http:/ /physics.[/s]
  9. Department of Physics, Bethune-Cookman College [s]http:/ /[/s]
  10. College of Health Science,Univ. of Texas at EI Paso [s]http:/ /www.utep .edu/dsmith/ntnujava/index.html[/s]
  11. Dept. of Physics, Winthrop University
  12. Hudson County Schools of Technology [s]http:/ /www.hcstonline .org/physics/[/s]
  13. Dept. of Physics, University of Oklahoma [s]http:/ /www.nhn[/s]
  14. Catholic Memorial High School (MA) [s]http:/ /www.cmphysics. org/ntnujava/index.html[/s]
  15. Dept. of Physics ,UCLA
  16. Dept. of Physics, Astronomy and material science at Southwest Missouri State Univ. [s]http:/ /physics.smsu .edu/faculty/broerman/ntnujava/[/s]
  17. Florence Darlington Technical College [s]http:/ /www. flo.tec[/s]