Dear Prof. Hwang,
I have found a version of your simulation at
I am working on a web-based nuclear glossary for my students in Hungarian:
Is it possible to get the source code of that program?
The reason I am asking it, because the color scheme could be better. I think e.g. that a gray background would make the [color=green]green[/color] text easier to read than the present background. I have also realized that the parameter "tau" is actually the half-life which should be denoted by [i]T[/i][sub]1/2[/sub], or at least by T, because tau is used for denoting mean life in nuclear chemistry and physics.
Otherwise I like the applet very much. I am adding a supporting page to my glossary with an introductory page to your program. As soon as I upload it to the server, I will send you the link to it.
Best regards,
PS: here is my home address if you want to react: