To model this equation.

Ekin   =   h f     W

Ekin ... maximal kinetic energy of an emitted electron
h ..... Planck constant (6.626 x 10-34 Js)
f ..... frequency
W ..... work function.

I am exploring whether this is a good applet to port over to Ejs format. I used to use this in 2006 and it worked fine, strangely now it is not plotting the lines.

i used to be able to vary the 5 options of light wavelength and it will plot the points automatically and when all points are plotted, it will draw a line to show

e*Vs =  h*f - W

it used to show the line but strangely it doesn't run properly now.[img];topic=1166.0;attach=1187;image[/img]

i don't think i can make this one myself, so i have to request for this :)

By the way,
is a I vs V graph, i wonder can it be remix for e*Vs =  h*f - W ?