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Ok.  I am feeling a little goofy right now.  I clicked on the links to download the files and was prompted to download (save) file ntnujavazip (1.27 MB).  I open the folder users_ntnu_fkh_  but there is not a caliper.jar file in this destination.  There is a folder called caliper_pkg.  This folder contains 5 CLASS files (caliper, caliperApplet, caliperSimulation, caliperview$1, and caliperview).  A file called caliper that is a XML document and a file called caliper_intro 1 which is a HTML document.  I do not see the .jar file.  Try not to laugh at me too much.  Thanks for prompt support.


Did you get download file as a single file?  --- this should be the normal case
or did you get a folder of many files? --- it might be that your computer are too advanced, it can unzip the download file automatically?
or Did you unzip the the downloaded file? --- it seems that your computer might associate .jar file to a unzip program
  (for example after you instll WIZIP or WINRAR or similar programs)

Your computer  need to associate .jar file to java program to be able to run it (by double click the downloaded .jar file- as a single file).
Please following the above instruction to inatll java run time (it will try to associate .jar file to java program again).
It is also possible to change the association of .jar file to java program (if you know how to do it).