changes made:
customize from an earlier source code by Hwang Fu-Kwun
06May 2011
add Length = Math.sqrt( ( y2-y1) + (x2-x1) ) for the learning of length of segment
add input field and options to draw green line

[s]it just hit me that i will be cool, if an option to

input the equation and it show the line on the drawing panel! Got time will improve it [/s] Done!

Just found
Step by Step Graphing of Absolute Value Equations (Linear & Quadratic)Jump to: navigation, searchUse this applet to demonstrate and visualize how to sketch graphs of absolute valued functions containing linear or quadratic terms. Suitable for pupil self learning as well

Sketching Graphs of Absolute Valued Functions(with linear or quadratic terms) Step by Step Approach
The file is downloadable at step_by_step_abs_graphing_linear_quad1.ggb

Feel free to modify it. Do appreciate your feedback to