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  1. Cylinder near conductive corner
  2. Electrometer
  3. Actin and Myosin
  4. Cylinder
  5. Rectangle
  6. Two cylinders
  7. Two rectangles
  8. Franklin experiment - I
  9. Franklin experiment - II
 10. Electric shadow
 11. Dipole in electric field
 12. Insulator in electric field
 13. Friction electricity
 14. Semiconductor and PN junction
 15. Capacitor and generator
 16. Concentric cable
 17. Lightening rode
 18. Plate capacitor and dipole
 19. Cylindrical capacitor and insulator
 20. Van de Graaff accelerator
 21. Cylinder, el. charge  and grounding
 22. Biological cell ionic channel (under construction)
 23. Acolos

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