Hi Fu-Kwun Hwang,

I really like your application but would be interested in something similar but different.  I am interested in the mixing potentials of different gasses under ambient pressure.  I'd really like a application that simulates the behaviour of three different gasses in a fixed volume over time.

lets say three hypothetical gasses: Gas A, Gas B and Gas C.  Effectively running your application in three different colours in the same volume.


The size and shape of the container (2 dimensions is fine),
The mass of the gas molecules, A B and C  (and or the gravitational effect buoyancy)
The quantity of the individual gasses
The over all energy of all the particles, i.e. temperature

I'd like to be able to monitor the system with respect to time from a random orientation

Particle particle interactions can for now be avoided to make the programming easier...

Is this the sort of thing that you could do?

Many thanks