From: "Ken Symes" <> To: <> Subject: Thank you for all of the wonderful applets! Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2099 00:21:12 -0600 I am an adult student that returned to college at the age of 43 = last fall, (Sept of 1998) I am attempting to do now what I wanted to do = as a young man. I want to complete my pre-medicine degree and become a = podiatrist specializing in the surgical correction of congenital = deformities. Of course physics is required to gain admission to any medical = college, this year along with Organic Chemistry I am endeavoring to = concur college physics 101.=20 As most students must tell you, I understand what most of the word = problems we are dealing with are stating and asking. I understand the = components of the problem. My difficulty is how to put the problems = together to come up with a solution.=20 The applets that you have provided I believe will help a great = deal. If you have any suggestions for the mastery of introductory college = physics I would very much like to hear from you.=20 Respectfully Ken