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I understand that you are talking about the experience you have (what you saw and what you feel).
The reason that I asked those question was I hope to be able to find more information.

If you saw "rainbow pattern" at the same location as you walk through. It means that there is a some kind of screen so that light can be reflected back to your eye.
We see object because light reflected from surface of the object and enter our eye (unless object is a light source).
Because the "rainbow pattern" you saw is not a light source, so it must be some kind of "screen" to be able to reflect light.
And I have not figure out why/how the rainbow pattern was formed from your information.
I hope someone else can provide a better explanation.
In case you see the same "rainbow" again, please remember to take some picture.
I believe it will help if we can see those picture!


"...must be some kind of "screen" to be able to reflect light": My perception or thought at the time was that the air was inonized in some way and wondered if there were a 'channel' formed in the air - the ripple effect continued upward but was no longer visible as the colors of the bow became visible... not that it wasn't there. It was as though the colors of the bow were set upon the 'ionized' air. (???)

The following link, also hearsay, was something of interest I found:

As circumstancial as the evidence is, it does appear there are stable rainbows that must have some sort of 'anchor' to the ground and to a location in the air... and perhaps over the entire course of the bow. I've often wondered what the other end of the rainbow looked like. (?)

Also, another witness to the same effect, I had asked if he noticed any anomaly in the air..... I did have to prompt him, however, he said after he thought about it there was also a 'ripple' effect in the air. He also stated that the air was not without color at the base as was my experience, rather there were colors to the ground as in the above link.

There is something 'strange' going on here - my curiosity is certainly piqued. My thought is there must be some sort of channel/"screen" or 'circuit' generated in the air as a foundation for the bow to permit such an experience to happen. (???)

Believe me, if such an occurrence happens again, and I am looking :o), I will find my camera in a hurry! You will have a video.

I appreciate the dialogue