Being new to this site and email was what I found first, I sent Mr. Hwang an email. The following is a copy of that email:

Mr. Hwang,

From my little understanding of rainbows, the following is not supposed to happen... but it did. In defense of myself I will say that I am an objectively led person with a background of finding problems missed by others. I am not given to fantasy and I assure you the following is true.

I walked through the end of a rainbow first noticed in my backyard at a distance of twenty yards. An eight foot cedar tree approx three feet behind the rainbow had a wavy appearance and its color had shaded towards grey from its normal green. Approximately ten feet from the ground the colors of the rainbow had faded and gave the apprearance of the air 'dancing'. Something like looking through a wine glass after swirling the wine and allowing it to settle down the sides of the glass.

As I walked through the thin bow the air turned clear on the far side and the cedar tree again took on its normal appearance. I had approached the bow at an angle of about 120 degrees (from approx twenty yards and the rainbow did not change positions) and walked thru it at an angle of about 90 degrees after observing for a moment. There was no sensation, other than awe, as I did so. I repeated the walk thru only twice as the bow dissipated.

I am not 'seeeeeing things'! How is this possible???

Note: Since writing this I have had the witness of others who state they also walked thru the end of a rainbow and found this:

Your help would be appreciated.