Simulation steps:
1. The voltage can be assumed as Vo*sin(wt).
2. The cureent in the loop can be calculated if the resistance R and the self inductance L of the coil are available.
3. Then, The magnetic field distribution in the second coil can be calculated to get the total magnetic flux.
4. The induced emf can be calculated from rate of change of magnetic flux.
5. The induced current can be calculated from resiatance and self inductance of the coil.
6. The induced current can generate magnetic field in the first coil. so the step 2-5 will repeated continuely (between coil 1 and coil2) until the result can be ignored.

More information are needed:
1.What is the resistance and the inductance of the coil?
Please provide definition of Q factor and efficiency,too!
2. Misaligned in which direction? along axial direction or perpendicular to it?