Hi again,
"I do not know the meaning of "JVS" ? "[/i]
My mistake I was in a hurry, I wanted to write EJS -Easy Java Simulations.

[i]"The question is you need to structure your design into model and rules.
You might want to learn to program it with EJS."[/i]
What I wanted to say with that class is that I want to create a mathematical model but with the features from object oriented programming. As I said I want to be able to define many objects Robot that have the same features (same equations for movement, same methods) but each to behave as stand alone entity and to perform a stand alone task. To go further let's take for example that simulation made by you called "traffic control simulation". For example if I want to introduce in that model the a random turns for each car that is coming to a intersection and I want to create the class car that holds the information and methods for each car is it possible to do that in EJS? Can you give me an example of yours where you used this kind of approach - classes?
I want to use this kind of structuring for future development.

Can you help me to find a good explanations(documents, links or may be you already explained somewhere) about how EJS is working?