amazing codes you have.

My attempt at making a remix for nanometre 10[sup]-9[/sup] m instead of angstrom 10[sup]-10[/sup] m.

basic code needed to make text appear are:

// code to appear Tmax top position
// taken from
// This function peaks for hc = 4.97?kT, a factor of 1.76 shorter in wavelength (higher in frequency) than the frequency peak. It is the more commonly used peak in Wien's displacement law.
// xm is ? where peak occurs
1.  xmred=TXred=h*c/(4.97*k*T)*1.e9; // cos lookang doing nm instead of Am

2. TMSGred="T="+((int)((T*10+0.5)/10.))+"K, peak at "+(int)((xmred*10+0.5)/10.) +" nm";

3.  TYred=twohc2/((Math.exp(cst/(xmred*T))-1)*(xmred*xmred*xmred*xmred*xmred));

4. Text properties are:
PosX is  TXred
PosY is TYred
Pixel Size is True
Text is %TMSGred%

Amazing learning from this codes, lucky you made the text, i still can't create these codes myself.....sigh :-[