<applet code="racingBall.class" width=600 height=350 codebase="http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/java/racingBall/"><param name="Reset" value="Reset"><param name="Start" value="Start"><param name="info" value="more information"><param name="MSG" value="Which ball will reach the other end first or they will arrive at the same time?"><param name="ANS" value="Select an answer to start"><param name="ANS1" value="1) ball 1 arrive earlier"><param name="ANS2" value="2) ball 2 arrive earlier"><param name="ANS3" value="3) Arrive at the same time"><param name="Path" value="complete Path"></applet>
trying to figure out the embed code for the applets without the need to host it

in a different forum http://iresearch.edumall.sg/cos/o.x?ptid=80&c=/iresearch/forum&func=showthread&t=223