I am really sorry. I provided you wrong information again.

The resource file was not saved to the jar file when you click the save button.
(Because you were running the jar file, there is no way you can save to the same file).
Actually, the translated file will be created as users/ntnu/fkh/xxx_pkg/xxx_yy.properties
where xxx is the name of the ejs source filename when I created it.
yy is the language code. For chinese translation it is zh, for french is seem to be fr.

for the ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog.jar : xxx is [u]planetmotionanalog[/u].

You need to add that file into the jar file: the  command is
jar -uf ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog.jar users/ntnu/fkh/planetmotionanalog_pkg/planetmotionanalog_fr.properties
You will need to have jdk installed to run the above command.

Another way to do is
1. rename ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog.jar to ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog.jar
2. unpack the zip file
3. copy resource file which was saved (users/ntnu/fkh/planetmotionanalog_pkg/planetmotionanalog_fr.properties)
  to users/ntnu/fkh/planetmotionanalog_pkg in the unzip directory
4. zip all the file again
5. rename the zip file to jar.

I think this time it should work for you. I just test it and it work fines.
I was told that :
if it is done correctly, the default language will be selected as defult when we click jar file to run it or when we open it in a browser. It wrk for some of my tested jar file, but it did not work for some of the files. I am still trying to find out the exact solution.

Please upload the [b]translation resource file[/b] only when you have done with the translation.
I will add it to the original jar file and make it available.
And I hope you will find french version translation in the applet when you view it again (after I have add it to the jar).
The one you have upload in the previous message is removed becuase it is the same as my original jar file.