I got problems to make the simulation to appear in french.

The .jar is the good one now (you can test by running
http://gwenaelm.free.fr//tmp/gravitation/ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog_fr.jar )
but I had to go in the file (with 7-zip) and copy the file planetmotionanalog_fr.properties in directory users\ntnu\fkh\planetmotionanalog_pkg because when I saved the translated data, it create a users\ntnu\fkh\planetmotionanalog_pkg\planetmotionanalog_fr.properties next to the ejs_users_ntnu_fkh_planetmotionanalog.jar but it doesn't make the file itself changed.

But now, when I ask for the applet to load in a web page, you said that "the browser will select the locale and change it to the default language" but it doesn't ...

The applet stay in english http://gwenaelm.free.fr//tmp/gravitation/manipulation1.html

Why ?