I should be able to create a simulatin for you as long as you give me the physics model.
You can create any differnt kind of simulation. Even simulation violate physics laws.
But I do not want to do something like that unless there is a good reason.

There are too many unknown/parameters you did not provide.

I can make more lighted LED when there is more power provided by the turbine.
But what is the relation between number of lighted LED and the power of the turbine.
Normally, it is the other way around.
If there are more LED in parallel, more power will be need if the brightness of the LED is the same.
If there are fixed number of LED in series, when more electric power is generated , the LED will get brighter.

What is the purpose for the simulation? Let me knwo what is the physics concept you want to be simulated.
It is not good if we provide a non-physical simulation.
Please write it in detail (more words/longer sentences,please)?