oic, u designed it purposely to block, i understand now.

I have a qn on how to remix this XML

Hi prof

if(i less than n2-1)tvscaffold[tid]=cv3/getV10(1,n2-i)*10+d3[n3-(n2-i-2)]; [color=red]// can give comments on the variables used here ?[/color]
else tv[tid]=cv3;  [color=red] // what does this line do?[/color]

i am trying to modify this code here to do this:
if  1234 / 5 = 246 remain 4

the working i am trying to capture is the numbers below
5  / 1234
       234                      <--------------- how to capture this? instead of 23
         34                     <----------------normal same as currently shown but i want the whole   
                                                           strings of number after