Subject: Note of Appreciation Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:12:15 AST4 From: "GEARY MACMILLAN" <> Organization: Dartmouth High School To: Dear Fu-Kwan Hwang, I am a physics teacher at Dartmouth High School in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada. I discovered your applets a couple of weeks ago and am still exploring them. They are an invaluable resource for me, my students and for use in teaching in my classroom. I have used one so far and built my lesson around it...a lesson I had taught before but it added that extra pzazz and interest for my students. We were using the reaction time applet. I showed them how to do the calculations using the motion equations and then we gathered data for stopping distances using the applet. They were also thrilled to see the internet used in such a meaningful way...they have become skeptical of the junk out there. Please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent quality of the applets and I hope your work is able to continue. Sincerely, Geary Mac Millan Science Dept Head Dartmouth High School