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Long division
In short division the number we divided by consisted of a single digit (less than 10). In long division the number we divide by will consist of at least 2 digits (10 or more), and the method is slightly different:

1. replace divide sign is not recognize in my windows os xp
2. re position the mask for the magneta answers
3. added left panel for debugging
4. added codes for scaffolds top graphical space
5. added 2 styles of understanding divisions
6.added codes for full screen view the numbers are dynamically calculated and aligned for school implementation

I will be making one applet for primary 3 together with my colleague who seems interested to explore applet making.
The following is a long division applet.
Click reset button to re-generate new formula.
Click < or > to move the step and find out the result.
Click the checkbox to add remainder (otherwise, remainder=0)

If "input?" checkbox is checked, user need to click the number shown to answer the question. (2009/03/22)

Click inside simulation region then

    * hit "h" key, will toggle another control bar (change range for numbers).
    * hit "k" will toggle user input mode
    * hit "w" will toggle show answer/step by step mode.
    * hot "r" will toggle remainder=0 mode

short division

so far, the sliders are mentioned. details he knows, but he is explaining to me the way he conceptualize it.

so watch this space for developments!