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[size=10pt][font=Verdana][i][b]Thanks lookang, but the lessons is very simple and need more details and explanations.[/b][/i][/font][/size]

I was confused. If the lesson is very simple, then why it need more details explanations.
Please write download in detail what need to be explained in more detail at the tutorial topics so that we can know what need to be improved.

If you want to design a new simulation for your own, you need to understand the whole process first.
Then, transfer the process into time step states and describe it with programming language.

EJS, let you define variables to specify the property or for GUI display purpose.
Provide initial value for all the variables first.
Find out what variables will be changed with time. Write down evolution equation for variables. e.g. dx/dt=vx;
Then, write download constrains or special relations at Fixed relation page. e.g. check for collision at wall... etc.
EJS have many build in GUI element to create graphic display for the simulation. Just drag and drop GUI elements into your drawingPanel/PlottingPanel and provide property to connected with pre-defined variables. (Create [b]Controls[/b] and links between [b]Model[/b] and[b] View[/b])

I would suggest you start with a new ideas. Try to implement it with EJS. 
Post your questions and EJS source if you encounted problem. We will try to help you!
As lookang suggested, the first step is to study EJS examples, try to modify it to generate new simulations.
You can create your own when you are familiar with it later.