yes it is confirm it currently cannot be done
    The axes do not allow formatting the ticks. The Format X property refers to the way the coordinates of the point appear (in a yellow box at the lower left corner of the panel) when you click on a point in the panel.


I am puzzled by the equation used.

I look at the equation [img][/img] and i look at the equation in the XML fT = "h4/((Math.exp(cst/(r*T))-1)*(r*r*r))"

shouldn't fT = "[color=blue]2*h*c*c[/color]/((Math.exp(cst/(r*T))-1)*(r*r*r*[color=blue]r*r[/color]))" ?

strangely i tried to implement the new fT ="[color=blue]2*h*c*c[/color]/((Math.exp(cst/(r*T))-1)*(r*r*r*[color=blue]r*r[/color]))" but the graph is very low and flat and near zero in value.