[img][/img] has one of the best simulations and well used applets. notice there allows people to post their worksheets and share lessons around the applets.

If only more people are contributing their worksheets to use your applets, it will push the reach of this forum (NTNUJAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory Java Simulations in Physics:) to a even more meaningful level.

it may help if you can autoadd texts ( feel free to post your worksheets here, to help others learn, help other use the applet in classroom one to one exploration ) to advertise to educators visiting your forum, to co-design applets ( already possible with some people like me ;D ), contribute/design worksheets, activities to make the learning by doing more thought out, better conceptualized.

it will be a slow process ( only you and few others willing to share ?), but i think your applets are well designed, just abit more people to help complement the applets, it will nurture this forum to becoming closer to being a learning community of educators and students.

This is a powerful strategy for improving physics education worldwide.

for your consideration
just thinking out loud! :)