strange, i cant modify my post after some time? is that a new feature?

anyway i was planning to quickly demonstrate how quickly i can get this to work but......


1. the evolution page is dx/dt = v
i got the time t to increment by dt = 0.05, but the v does not vary as i change the position of circle coordinate (x,y)

2. on drag of (x,y) i notice the time t is slower than when no drag of the (x,y), how to make the increment of time constantly, independent of the interaction/calculation of the applet, to simulate like real time for example?

thansk!, attached is my attempt to make this applet in 10 minutes .:)

/htdocs/ntnujava/ejsuser/14019/users/sgeducation/lookang/position_pkg/position.propertiesFull screen applet or Problem viewing java?Add to exception site list
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