Subject: Java and Physics Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 09:15:22 +0100 From: To: Hi, I am a professor of physics at the Royal Institute of Technologu in StockholmSweden. We do teach Java for programming in Science and I came across your web pages. Although we do teach Java for Ph.D. students I think there is something that could be learnt from your beautiful pages. Maybe we will also extend the course to MS levels. The problem is that we are in physics and Java should be taught by the CS dept, but will they do it our way? We may try to suggest a course and then some of your web pages could be very useful to the students. I would therefore like to ask you about your plans etc. I would hate to have made refs to your pages and then they would disappear one day, smile. Also, you may have some new ones in mind? I think something with the uncertainty principle would be very useful. Have you ever considered this? I am very open for any form of collaboration on this future teaching project. You can find examples of the present course on the web. We plan some lecture notes and I hope I can make ref/use some of your examples? Looking forward hearing from you // Thomas Lindblad