Subject: Applets Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:57:50 -0600 From: Taha Mzoughi <mzoughi@Ra.MsState.Edu> Organization: Mississippi State University To: Dear Professor Fu-Kwun Hwang: This is the first of two emails I will be sending you. I have been familiar with your work for about a year now. To say the list, it is impressive. I am an assistant professor of physics at MS State University and I try to use the Web for instruction. I am not a Java programmer. I wrote some stuff with JavaScript. The URL for my class is: I am still working on the content and would like to eventually include some of your Java applets. Obviously maintaining links to your Web site and proper credit. I have noticed that you have your applets mirrored throughout the word (which is nice) and I am wondering if it acceptable for you to add another mirror in our server. I am also interested in having a copy of the applets to run of laptop that is not connected to the Web. Actually, I am giving a talk about resources on the Web for teaching physics to high school teachers on the 20 th of February, and I hope to be able to include some of your applets. I will write a page with links to the applet in your site that I will use in the presentation then place it on our server. I appreciate your help. You are doing some neat stuff there. Taha ___________________________________ Taha Mzoughi Assistant Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy PO Box 5167 Mississippi State University Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762-5167 Phone: (601)325 2923 Fax: (601)325 8898