Subject: Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 08:49:37 -0800 From: Ursula Sexton <> To: Hello, Mr. Hwang, I am an elementary science teacher, as well as a leader in science education reform in the state of California. I train teachers and while searching for some physics principles, I found the Web site with your applets. I was interested in seeing your rainbow demonstration. It is so wonderful! This site is just full of great demonstrations for clarifying principles that teachers just can't seem to grasp, unless a visualization tool is provided. This is just great! I thought I'd mention that there is a small mispelling at the bottom of your rainbow page. Your last bullet reads: "Did yo noticed that rainbow consists of partially polarized light. It should say - for grammar and spelling to be correct: Did you notice that the rainbow consists of partially polarized light? Best of luck in your journey to share with others the wonders of science. Thanks for the gift of your knowledge and the wonderful medium to share it! U Sexton