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Hi LooKang, how do I upload the simulation like what you had done? You mention some scripts etc?

How to explain?

Youtube! this week i make video

you click "Quote" and you can see how/what i embeded the applet in web.

Expert mode instruction
1. in EJS recompile for web implementation
2. select self contained jar for MAC OSX, last time i know common library MAC OSX cannot view
3. upload files your server
4. open the web applet using firefox and look at the source
5. copy the applet codes
6. in your post in this forum, paste it, i usually post in the first post
7. copy the web address of your web applet
8. paste it into the codebase="." into something like codebase=http://home.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/~lookang/EJS_4.1_090208/"
9. remove all the spaces in the applet codes
10. post
11. may need to modify post to get rid of the invisible spaces/blanks
12. post

Is the sample viewable as codes? the code tag in this forum is not working properly.
i post in my forum u go see.

[code]<applet code="Collision1Dwee01_pkg.Collision1Dwee01Applet.class" codebase="http://home.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/~lookang/EJS_4.1_090208/" archive="common.jar,Collision1Dwee01.jar"name="Collision1Dwee01"  id="Collision1Dwee01"width="790" height="630"><param name="draggable" value="true"></applet>[/code]

P.S. from Fu-Kwun
You forgot to replace > and < with &[b]gt[/b]; and &[b]lt[/b];