Do you know if there are issues with the video capture in EJS screen using their default video capture method?

1. Run a EJS model
2. right click mouse to select options as shown in attachment 1 (capture video)[img];topic=967.0;attach=683[/img]
3. check box for  capture in attachment 3 [img];topic=967.0;attach=689[/img]
4. goto EJS applet to conduct exploration for screen capture purposes
5. after finishing explore, goto screen to uncheck box called "Capture"
6. EJS prompt to save file
7. name as ejsvideocapture
8. output is somewhat not exactly the same as the applet with some weird output attachment 2 [img];topic=967.0;attach=691[/img] i select animated gif setting and made it to loop so that it can be seen again and again

any idea is it a bug or i am doing it wrong?