this is not in google but it is very nice because of the nice picture. [img];topic=683.0;attach=703;image[/img]

some other google search results from "Micrometer java applet"[img];topic=683.0;attach=656;image[/img]

[color=red][b]possible improvements: add a rachet at the back for finer movement of the thimble[/b][/color][img];topic=683.0;attach=658;image[/img]
[color=red][b]possible improvements: add a lock nut to disable rotation the micrometer for showing answer without distortion the reading[/b][/color]
[color=red][b]possible improvements: add a clear indication that 2 rounds of the thimble equivalent to 1.00 mm = 100 reading markings moved[/b][/color]
nice picture

again the post is the 4th top search result for google on "Micrometer java applet" !![img];topic=683.0;attach=331;image[/img]

another good micrometer made in flash by a creative commons licensee too