Subject: Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 22:39:22 -0200 From: "Marcilio Carneiro" <> To: <> Hi Mr Hwang: I?m from Brazil I worked as Physics about 10 years ago and since that time I had a desire : to make softwares for Physics teaching. The DOS interfaces I used to have forced me to give up. Last year (after spendig some time learning Windows based programming) I restarted the project but once again I didn?t like the results. I used Delphi 3.0 (Pascal Object Language) and made about 100 programs ( mechanics and eletricity) but when I saw your programs I felt even more disappointed with the ones i had done . Yours are brilliant , fantastic . Don?t you sell them ? I?m interested in many of them. One : sugestion: Don?t use weak green colors I hardly can see them . For instance the one you used in Vactor addition, Thank you and congratulations for your excellent work (I wish I was talented as you are) Marcilio Carneiro