It is the same question for all programming language/environment (not restricted to EJS).
It always be possible. But the problem is how to let user understand how to use it easily.

Set up a[u] label[/u] on top of a [u]slider[/u] to display " 0.1, 1, 2, 5, 10,50,100",
And add a slider under it for integer value property: for example id (range from 0-6 for the above values).
then add the following code :
case 0: x=0.1; break;
case 1: x=1.0; break;
case 2: x=2.0; break;
May be you can add another text string to display value for x.

You should be able to find different way to do it.

VIEW or DOWNLOAD ejs xml source
then click to translate strings for selected locale.

Press the Alt key and the left mouse button to drag the applet off the browser and onto the desktop.