It took me a lot of time to find the bug in your code.
You add a view element [b]textset[/b]  labeled as  "[u]TextSetYtxty[/u]"
You set the [u]number of element[/u] to [u]tc[/u], but [u]tc=0[/u] in your code.
So EJS can not find any text element when it try to initialize the code.

It will work find if you change it's value to 5. (# of element for TextSetYtxty)

It is always difficult to find a bug in the code.
It is even more difficult to find a bug in the code written by others.

Normally, when I have a code working. I will save the file.
I will modify the code to another name before I do any modification.
If there is any new error which I can not solve, I can switch back to original file.
Or I can check the difference betwen two files to find out the error.