Thank you very much for making translation in Finnish.
I found out one of the teacher download nearly four hundreds simulations from this wet site and translation it into Slovokia's language two years ago when I went to a conference. (He handed me the CD with all the translation). I was so impressed. And I knew that he has to download all the files one by one and create the translation.
So I created a simple user interface  to help user translate web page.
You can click "[u]translate this message(and the string in the simulation) into local language[/u]" button.
Because there are so many character code used by different country.
So I adope "utf-8" system. Please change the coding in your browser to utf-8 when viewing the web page.
(normally, the browser will switch to utf-8 when loading web page from this web site, unless you change the default coding to always stick to some particular coding).

If you can not find the coding for your language from the menu, please give me the full name of the coding. I will try to find information about your language and implement into the system. And I will need your help to test it when I modify the code. Do you know the official name for your utf-8 coding system? (UTF-8 Latin-1???)  Chinese characters are also two letter code.