the problem(s) i faced on a new OS installation.

1. jar was already used by another program some ZIP program, Java Runtime Environment [JRE] was installed but failed to launch, even  after reinstalling Java Runtime Environment [JRE].

2. removing existing Java Runtime Environment [JRE] and reinstall also give problem, the installer cannot find the installation file ( i can't remember the name of the file &#^$%.msi i think), n\i need to direct the installer to my pc folder in document and setting....... for installation to continue.

3. even after fixing the installation, jar is associated to another java program i assigned during trouble shooting.

4. finally fixed the problem only after i click on the restore button for the file association then my EJS can run on my new OS.

strange but it happened to me! ;D

On the other hand,
i also agree with you that normally Java Runtime Environment [JRE] is very easy to install