Yes! think the xml originally made by prof. paco, the tags and descriptions did not clearly state so i can't attribute future derived works.

i can only guess from the folder names.


EJS 4.1 has a lot of improvements over EJS 3.47, everyone should get the latest version to try ;)

a cool Newton's Cradle applet that i always wanted to know how to make it a learning tool.

murcia is the name of the person? or is it Prof paco ? University of Murcia ?

My contributions are
1. changes made to sync top rectangle to appear directly above the string and mass for changing number of mass, n
2. input panel on the left
3. create a custom function drag() so that can read the codes clearly in a bigger view
4. added m"[j]"
5. add graph of ketotal, petotal tetotal
6. add angular momentum
7. added sound in collision
8. added dw[j]/dt = -g/l*Math.sin(alpha[j])-k*l*omega[j] for air resistance simulation
9. redesign the look and feel of the sliders bar etc
added better controls
fix bug of KE = 0.5*m*l^2*omega^2
fix error by changing method back to BISECTION
made view more zoom in for increase in size

My learning journey for interactive balls mass, the codes i was looking for,
note: element is assigned variable name "ballMoved"

[code]// Compute new angle and freeze the ball
alpha[ballMoved] = Math.atan2(x[ballMoved]-xTop[ballMoved],yTop-y[ballMoved]);
omega[ballMoved] = 0;

// Limit the motion
double maxAngle = Math.PI/2;
if (alpha[ballMoved]> maxAngle) alpha[ballMoved] =  maxAngle;
if (alpha[ballMoved]<-maxAngle) alpha[ballMoved] = -maxAngle;

// Check for one ball moving the others
for (int i=ballMoved+1; i  if (alpha[ballMoved]>alpha[i]) { alpha[i] = alpha[ballMoved]; omega[i] = 0; }
for (int i=0; i  if (alpha[ballMoved]}

// Force constant rod length
for (int i=0; i  x[i] = xTop[i] + l*Math.sin(alpha[i]);
 y[i] = yTop - l*Math.cos(alpha[i]);
please note the codes has missing ++ symbols, due to forum's modified php?
so if you want to copy the codes go into the source xml files

[b][color=red]source code
download the *.jar for using the applet on standalone without internet connection.[/color][/b]