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simple harmonic motion:spring oscillation

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when the mass is too small and the amplitude is large, the mass oscillated like a simple pendulum instead of oscillating vertically.
why ???[/quote]
I  think it is due to the 3-D ( x , y and z) translational degree of freedoms and the rotational degree of freedom cause the vertical pendulum to swing in all possible ways in additional to the up and down you set it to move in SHM. The reason is there may be a slight displacement "off" the line of action of the spring.

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also, is there any relationship between the period of the spring oscillating vertically and the period of the "simple pendulum" ???
vertical spring formula is T = 2*Math.PI.Math.sqrt(k/m) valid for F = kx hooke's law only. [img][/img]
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swing pendulum formula is T = 2*Math.PI.Math.sqrt(L/g) valid for small oscillations only. [img][/img]
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