Well, it happened just after I began using the Fourier Synthesis.  The image link I gave you is for the Fox News page.  I used it to show an example of the bluish/greenish (sometimes purple) monochrome appearance that my monitor is now displaying.  I was in the middle of using the Fourier Synthesis when my screen changed from its usual brightness to the bluish/greenish/purple monochrome appearance on the Fox page.

My question is: is it possible for the frequencies from the Fourier Synthesis to interfere with the imaging frequencies of one's monitor?  I know this sounds bizarre, but it's the only thing I can think of.  Have you ever heard of sound frequencies changing the lighting frequencies on one's monitor?

Click on the link below to see how your Forum looks on my monitor.  I did a screen dump of a portion of your Forum and then added it as an extension of my webpage:

http:/ /www.youcanreadebooks. com/images/Strange2.bmp

Let me know?