[color=Blue]I am so happy to discover this amazing place on the web.
I have a point and wonder if help can be provided?
I am writing an article where I discuss the issue of the Health effect of EMF of power lines.
I think that this effect could be due to charged particles trapped by the magnetic field of power lines. These particles include electrons and positrons originated from cosmic rays.
I would like to make some simulation (Animation) of what can happen if a few electrons came across a region where strong magnetic fields are available? Could they be trapped? and  if so, would it be possible to animate this action?

In short; I hope I can have some visual drawing that display magnetic lines, and few charged particles trapped inside.[/color]
Check: [url=http://lasp.colorado.edu/strv/vanallen_strv.html]http://lasp.colorado.edu/strv/vanallen_strv.html[/url]

Deep thanks