Add a plot of total energy E(t) to the simple free fall model.   Why is the energy plot similar to a plot of radioactive decay?  Plots are described in the Ejs manual but note that the Pendulum model in this package includes a plot and can be used as a template for this activity.

My contributions are
1. variable KE
2. variable PE
3. variable TE

4. add fix relations

[code]KE = 0.5*mass*vy*vy;
PE = mass*g*y;
TE = KE +PE;

5. add plottingPanel

6. add trace, input X = t, input Y = KE , line color = MAGENTA
7. add trace, input X = t, input Y = PE , line color = BLUE
8. add trace, input X = t, input Y = TE , line color = BLACK

9. Change position of DrawingPanel to right
10.  Change position of plottingPanel to centre // better view of the graphs called plottingPanel

[color=red][b]source code
download the *.jar for using the applet on standalone without internet connection.[/b][/color]

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