Do you have a reference citation list of the EJS research papers?

I am using Endnote to manage the references, it is cool!

i can find only these:
Esquembre, F. 2004. "Easy Java Simulations: a software tool to create scientific simulations in Java" Computer Physics Communications, 156, 199-204.

Esquembre, F., C. Martin, et al. (2004). "Interactive Simulation of Object-Oriented Hybrid Models, by Combined Use of EJS, MATLAB/SIMULINK and MODELICA/DYMOLA."

Esquembre, F., J. Sánchez, et al. (2005). "The learning of control concepts using interactive tools." Computer Applications in Engineering Education 13(1): 84 - 98

Martin, C., A. Urquia, et al. (2005). Object-Oriented Modeling of Virtual Laboratories for Control Education. Strong Point Center in Process Systems Engineering, Trondheim, Norway.

Esquembre, F., S. Dormido, et al. (2005). Adding interactivity to existing Simulink models using Easy Java Simulations. Decision and Control, 2005 and 2005 European Control Conference. CDC-ECC '05. 44th IEEE Conference.

Esquembre, F., S. Dormido, et al. (2007). Using Web-based laboratories for control engineering education. International Conference on Engineering Education – ICEE 2007, Coimbra, Portugal

Martin, C., A. Urquia, et al. (2005). Modeling of Interactive Virtual Laboratories with Modelica. Proceedings of the 4th International Modelica Conference, Hamburg, The Modelica Association

maybe an ejs.enl will be cool like this site.

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