in the learning of

s = u.t +1/2.a.t^2

ds/dt = u + a.t

d^2s/dt^2 = a

how to make EJS calculate area under curve ?

do you have an example for me to learn from?

can it be like a universal set of codes that can be modified into any EJS that you have adopted a standard way of variable assignment so that simple copy and paste of codes allow it to work?

like a java function

Java Math Engine: Integration

Symbolic integration can be performed on objects known to the system such as built-in functions, previously defined functions, variable and operations. The symbolic integration engine is not as powerful as the differentiation engine, simply because integration is not as easy. We will list below the kind of functions which can be integrated.
The operator which performs symbolic integration is int. There are three ways to use it:

  1. int(expr)
  2. int(expr, var)
  3. int(expr, var, val1, val2)


it appears i have asked this before:)

request for addon in graphical analysis
on: July 05, 2007, 01:14:52 PM