[quote author=Fu-Kwun Hwang link=action=profile;u=2 date=1219164260]
The [b]codebase[/b] in the applet tags point to the URL for browser to find java classes files.
And javascript can use the [b]name[/b]or [b]id[/b] tag in the applet to referer to applet.

value for the name is :Efield2
and the following javascript:
will referer to the applet.
So [u]fkh2.setAutoRefresh(false);[/u] will execute [b]setAutoRefresh[/b] function defined in the applet.

[b]Why there is no reference of the url of http://home.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/~lookang/Physletbuilder/Efieldgeneratedbyonepositiveandonenegativecharge.html ?.. is this calling my files ? or is it part of your website library ?[/b]

Thanks! ;D

[quote]var timerID2=0; function initApplets2(){ clearTimeout(timerID2); loaded2=true;timerID2=setTimeout("init2()",100);}function init2(){fkh2=document.Efield2;fkh2.setAutoRefresh(false);fkh2.setDefault();id1=fkh2.addObject("charge","x=-0.2,y=0,q=-1,r=10");fkh2.setShowFieldLines(true);id2=fkh2.addObject("charge","x=0.2,y=0,q=1,r=10");fkh2.setLabel(id1,"-");fkh2.setLabel(id2,"+");fkh2.setAutoRefresh(true);} <applet width="640" height="480" code="eField4.EField.class" codebase="/classes/" archive="EField4_.jar,STools4.jar" align="baseline"  name="Efield2" mayscript>[/quote]
i remove the script and applet tags because even in code tags, the applet appears and jam (prevent the top applet from working properly) the top applet :'(