I have created another version(5) according to your model. I have been playing with this new model for several days.
But I feel something did not look correct so that I did not post it earlier. May be you can provide more input to modify the model.

New model used in the simulation:
vy' = -COR *vy; when the ball touch table.
then, the change of momentum in vertical direction is dPy=m*(vy'-vy)= -m*(COR+1)*vy;
The Normal force N= dPy/dt=-m*(COR+1)*vy/dt;
The friction force fr= u*N = -u*m*(COR+1)*vy/dt;
Change of momentum in horizontal direction is dPx= fr*dt
So vx'= vx+dPx/m =vx -u*(COR+1)*vy;

Torque = R*fr = I *dw/dt
so dw=R*fr*dt/I = R*dPx/ I

Air resistance is also included in the model. F= 0.5*rho*v[sup]2[/sup]*A/2= -0.143 (vx*vx+vy*vy);

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