The above simulation is not suitable for pingpong ball according to the data your have provided.
Because I have assume the static friction force is strong enough, so that there is no sliding when the ball touch the table. The above simulation might be more suitable for a hard and elastic superball.

I need to derive new relation for the ping-pong ball according data you have provided.
Air resistance need to be introduced.
And I might not be able to ignore the effect due to the air pressure difference from the rotation of the ball.
This is a complex problem. Because the ball is a 3D object, and force due to the difference in pressure is different at different position (need complicate integration).
But I will ignore this effect to create a simple model first. The size of the ball is small compared to the space it is moving. So I will need to change the view of the simulation, too. I will post it here when it is done.