You can adjust the initial velocity vx and the ratio of angular velocity to velocity (by R*w/vx slider).
Click play to start the simulation.

VIEW or DOWNLOAD ejs xml source
then click to translate strings for selected locale.

Press the Alt key and the left mouse button to drag the applet off the browser and onto the desktop.

Please check out [url=]spinny ball after bounce[/url] if you want to know the physics invoved (derivation).

The above simulation was created with EJS. The EJS source(xml format)  for all the simulation at this web site are all available. Just click the [b]DOWNLOAD[/b] Ejs source link.
you can EITHER:
Install EJS and open the downloaded file to find out the equation used in the simulation. 
EJS will be loaded into your browser with the EJS source if you click [u][b]load ejs as signed applet[/b][/u].