Designed by Fu-Kwun Hwang Original Source code by Fu-Kwun Hwang Derived work by Wee Loo Kang under creative commons  

Kinematics is the science of describing the motion of objects using words, diagrams, numbers, graphs, and equations. The goal of any study of kinematics is to develop sophisticated mental models which serve to describe (and ultimately, explain) the motion of real-world objects. This applet has a real world side view on an object (grey circle) at the top with physical quantities like Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration. (color coded for ease of association). The middle has 3 graphs each showing real time relationship from left to right, they are:
1. Motion with Displacement vs. Time Graph
Meaning of Shape of D-t Graph
Meaning of Slope of D-t Graph
2. Motion with Velocity vs. Time Graph
Meaning of Shape of v-t Graph
Meaning of Slope of v-t Graph
Meaning of Area on a v-t Graph
3. Motion with Acceleration vs. Time Graph
Meaning of Shape of a-t Graph
Meaning of Area on a a-t Graph

Notice that there are scaffolds text to describe the motion instantaneously for learning of physics of motion, to heighten the support to learners to understand the relational meaning of the 3 graphs.
All the graphs are dynamically calculated using equations of motion dx/dt = v and dv/dt = a. (refer to the Model - Evolution Page & Custom Function getV for the details of implementation of the moving points on the v-t graph) It also has a dropdown menu bar for common motions to support ease of exploration and sense making of words to the motion it describes for high school or secondary school learners.

The slow checkbox allows for slowing down the simulation for higher velocities examples.

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