why is the [code][flash=200,200][/flash][/code] not working ? :D

anyway i did a search but cannot find the swf tutorial on pendulum

example for search result using the word "flash"


i also can't do a listing of the directory so i can't find the tutorial you are refering too.

i think i can manage a simple task that you hinted.

i notice you like to use cta , omega..... in other xml.....i try

is the logic ( big picture like this)

1. make one pendulum think i can find a sample
2. make 5 pendulum by duplicating position side by side
3. add in event handlers for collisions found in BallsInBox.xml

4. how to add the control for number of balls to displace ?
5. how to add when to release the balls?

i doubt i can follow even if you try to explain.
i will consult you again when need . thanks!

One more qn:
[quote author=Fu-Kwun Hwang link=topic=691.msg2494#msg2494 date=1213179687]
This is one of the example I taught (if you have check out my flash tutorial about EJS).

is xc the change in x ? if it is, then i understand